Tailoring Classes

Best Tailoring and Embroidery Classes in Chennai

Learn more than 50 types of dresses like Jabla, Babasuit, Petticoat, Frocks (5 types) Skirt, Pinafore, Choli, Pattu Pavadai , Nighty, Maxi, Chudidhars, Blouses, Shirts, trousers etc.

Chudidhars (5 Types)

Closed Chudi, Normal chudi, Umbrella cutting, collar type chudi, Normal Pant, Gathering Pant Punjabi Pant.

Blouses ( 5 Types)

Normal blouse, Cross cutting, Lining Blouse Princess Cut Blouse, Katori Blouse

Pattern Blouses

Any 5 Types of Pattern Blouses of your choices with Back pattern and sleeve pattern