Machine Embroidery Classes

Machine Embroidery is one the art in cloth making and was been practiced in India for many years, which was mostly done by hand  and takes years to complete.But the design made by hands were so unique and creative ,which cant be made second time or next.Now a day machines have taken over all the industry, even in the sewing indutry too.These Machine have  reduced the time and increased production.And same design can be made as many times as needed, which gives a real time money for the designer .Prabhas Designs  conducts all sort Sewing clasess in Chennai, Aari Embroider Classes in Chennai and Machine Embroidery is a art of decorating our dresses more beautiful and attractive with the help of Colourful threads, Beads & Stones. We conduct Professional Machine Embroidery classes for women.

One of the biggest advantages of Machine Embroidery work is that it takes much less time to sew than hand work.

Machine Embroidery classes covers more than 30 stitches like

                • Satin stitches
                • Chain stitches
                • Running Fillings stitch
                • Long & Short stitches
                • Embossed Thread work
                • Patch work
                • Cut work & Mirror work
                • Stone and Bead work

Needle work & more stitches…….